After a long period working in the opera theatre field, Maria Rosaria Boccuni dedicated herself full time to interior design, collaborating with numerous Russian design studios.

Apart from the influence of her native Bologna and her native country of Italy, her many travels and experiences in living abroad in Moscow, London, Paris, Wien and the United States have enriched her creative abilities, which show the influence of many different cultures and a high degree of attentiveness to the latest developments in materials and design.
Her interior design training is solid and is based on the history of art and architecture, the history of furniture and fabric, as well as completed studies in interior design, a field in which she graduated in Italy more than twenty years ago.

The customer relationship is developed through extensive interviews that focus on understanding the client's personality, needs, desires and dreams.

"Every interior I create is the realization of a dream. My job is to offer a dream to my clients, but also to create an interior which is livable and comfortable as well as aesthetically beautiful. “

Her major strength is in color and the ability to choose and coordinate various colors to create interiors of great charm with a theatrical nature.

In 2012, Maria Rosaria opened her studio in Warsaw, Palladio Interiors.
By collaborating with architects, engineers, carpenters, restorers and upholsterers, she is able to provide the full range of interior design services requested by her clients.
Operationally, after the definition of the style, the design of the floor plan and elevation, she creates collages that contain all the elements within each room, and a 3D perspectives or in watercolor, and then moves on to the actual construction.

Every customer can opt for the whole process, or to be followed only in the preliminary stages or in the final stages of furnishing.

In addition to her Italian mother tongue, Maria Rosaria is fluent in Russian and English.

Photo by Aneta Tryczynska